Timothy Farnworth


I completed my Bachelor of Mechatronics (Honours) at the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2018. In late 2018, I commenced a Ph.D. at the University of Newcastle in Mechatronics. The primary focus of my research is in perception and localisation in mobile robotics.


My research interests are focussed on Bayesian estimation using Optical flow.


I have worked at Varley Group in the development of a drain camera system, electrical designs for rail-wagon control wands and hi-rail indicator systems. Throughout my time there, I:

• Applied mathematics, system dynamics and Bayesian estimation to retrieve camera attitude information from an IMU for levelling an image.
• Practised the use of computer vision tools for image manipulation, network communication systems and protocols and analysed analogue video signal propagation, noise cancellation, and transmission line effects in a long cable with a mixture of digital and analogue signals.
• Created embedded systems and real-time operating systems for controlling camera features.
• Designed and developed printed circuit boards to house electrical designs.
• Developed modular software to interface between various embedded systems.


I am involved in teaching courses within the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Newcastle, including:

MCHA3900 - Mechatronics System Design II
ELEC3730 - Embedded Systems
MECH2360 - Dynamics of Machines
ENGG1003 - Introduction to Proceedural Programming
ENGG1500 - Introduction to Professional Engineering
ELEC1310 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering


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