Nicholas O'Dell


Nicholas O'Dell completed his B.E. (mechatronics and mechanical) at the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2018. Recently, Nicholas has commenced a Ph.D. at the University of Newcastle in Mechatronics, the primary focus of his research is in mobile robot perception and mapping.


Nicholas' research interests are focussed in Bayesian estimation and machine learning. His work is mainly focussed on mobile robot perception and mapping. He is currently looking for new ways to apply probability theory and machine learning to occupancy mapping for mobile robotics.


As an undergraduate and postgraduate student Nicholas has engaged with local industry. He has engaged with Portable Safety Cam (Hunter Manufacturing Award winner 2015) in a consulting role for product development. He also completed a research project at Wire Rope Industries as an undergraduate student.


Nicholas has delivered various engineering courses at the University of Newcastle, including:
MCHA2000 - Mechatronic Systems
MCHA3000 - Mechatronics Design I
MCHA3900 - Mechatronics Design II 

Nicholas has also delivered the following courses, for which he designed course content.
ENGG1500 - Introduction to Professional Engineering
MECH2110 - Mechanical Design I
ENGG2440 - Modelling and Control


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