Dr Joel Ferguson


Joel Ferguson completed his B.E. (mechatronics) and Ph.D. (electrical engineering) at the University of Newcastle, Austraila, in 2014 and 2018, respectively. Since that time, Joel has worked at the University of Newcastle as a research associate and Lecturer, both as a member of the mechatronics department.


Joel's research is centered on robust automation of physical systems. Utilising the principles of energy-based modelling and control, Joel is focused on generating methods of state estimation and nonlinear control design that are inherently robust against modelling errors.


Throughout his time as a student and as a faculty member, Joel has engaged with local industry partners to apply his research interests to real-world problems. Partnered with a local engineering firm (MRA), the most recent collaboration was a feasibility study into ship-loader automation.


In collaboration with several leading research institutions, Joel's research has been featured in leading conferences and Journals in the field of control theory. These pursuits have included partnerships with CentraleSupélec and the University of Naples Federico II.


Joel has taught into a variety of undergraduate courses at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Currently, he is delivering MCHA3400 (Embedded systems engineering), which covers energy-based modelling of multi-domainal systems with thermodynamic components, safety system design and embedded programming.


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