Jodie A. Cochrane


Jodie was awarded first-class honors in a combined Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Mathematics from The University of Newcastle, Australia, (Callaghan Campus) in April 2019. Since then, she has commenced a Ph.D. to develop a decision making tool which will assist doctors decide on the best recovery methods for knee surgery patients, with the primary focus on developing the underlying theorems and algorithms.


Jodie's research interests are focused on Bayesian estimation and machine learning of model parameters based on both qualitative and quantitative data. Her work involves the application of this theory in a biological sense, with her current work focusing on knee surgery patients.


During her undergraduate degree, Jodie gained experience within both local and international industries. After completing a semester exchange in Singapore, she completed an internship with ST Electronics, and has worked with the CSIRO Energy sector located in Newcastle.


Jodie has been involved in both university and primary school level teaching, with the main focus of each session on both general and electrical/mechantronic specific engineering skills. This includes presenting lectures, running tutorials, as well as workshop and laboratory demonstration.


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