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This course introduces the process of mechatronic system design. It is a project-based course where a mechatronic system for an electromechanical component is designed and built using a combination of formal and agile systems design approaches. The course integrates tools and skills related to embedded systems, electronics, control, modelling and simulation. It also develops the concepts of experimental modelling and implementation of computer control systems.

Topics include

  • Lagrangian mechanics and energy-based modelling
  • System identification
  • Embedded control system implementation
  • Linear state estimation (Kalman filtering)
  • Formal and agile systems design approaches
  • Test-driven development
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing


This course builds on the skills introduced in MCHA3000/3500/6500. Students deepen their knowledge on the mechatronic system design process and integrate further tools and skills developed in previous courses. It also develops concepts related to robotics applications, plus advanced topics of mechatronic system design such as fault tolerance.

Topics include

  • Kinematics and robotics
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Guidance, navigation and control (GNC)
  • Hamiltonian mechanics and energy-based control
  • Bayesian inference including hypothesis, parameter and state estimation
  • Numerical implementation of state estimators
  • Optimisation for design
  • Optimisation for control (MPC)


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