A/Prof Adrian Wills


I was born in Orange NSW and was awarded my B.E. (Elec.) and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Newcastle, Australia, (Callaghan Campus) in May 1999 and May 2003, respectively. Since then, I have held postdoctoral research positions at Newcastle and spent three years working in industry. The focus of my research is in the areas of system identification and estimation. In July 2015, I returned to the University of Newcastle to lead the mechatronics engineering program.


My research interests are focussed on Bayesian estimation of both parameter and state values based on measured data. This includes the fields of robotics and mechatronics where estimates of position and orientation together with estimates of the surrounding environment are crucial to mission success.


I have worked closely with international and local industry. This includes work with General Motors, Boeing, B&R Automation, Finisar, and MRA Electrical Engineering and Automation.


I have collaborated and published with Professor Lennart Ljung from Linköping University and Professor Thomas Schön from Uppsala University, Sweden. I have published and collaborated with Professor Will Heath, Dr Barry Lennox and Dr Guang Li from Manchester University, UK, and with Professor Bhushan Gopaluni from University of British Columbia, Canada. Locally, I have collaborated and published with Professor Brett Ninness, Professor Reza Moheimani, Professor Steve Weller and Professor Andrew Fleming all from University of Newcastle, Australia.


I deliver courses within the Mechatronics Engineering program at the University of Newcastle. This includes delivery MCHA6100 and MCHA6300, which are Masters courses on Advanced Estimation and Optimisation, respectively.


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